Born and raised in the canyons lands of southern Utah, a love of the outdoors and hunting led  MARK LEFEVRE  to painting what he loves the most, the wildlife that lives in mountainous valleys of Utah. Mark's countless experiences as an outdoorsman and wildlife Guide in the mountains throughout his life have contributed a great deal to his artwork.


Mark believes strongly in capturing the inspiring beauty of nature and depicting the spirit and attitudes of the wildlife that lives there. Mark spends hours studying photographs and sketching ideas before he ever touches brush to canvas.


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Saratoga Springs, UT  -  Tel: 801-232-8681  -



Last Chance (wildlife art)
Out the Back Door (wildlife art)
Last Look (wildlife art)
Buster (wildlife art)
In the Air (wildlife art)
Whitetail (wildlife art)
Aspen Buck (wildlife art)
Looking Back Elk (wildlife art)
ElkRun (wildlife art)
On the Edge (wildlife art)
Desert Ghost (wildlife art)
Rocky (wildlife art)
InTheAir (wildlife art)
LastLook (wildlife art)
Buster (wildlife art)
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HIGHCOUNTRY (bonecrazy art)
bone crazy 2
bone crazy 3
Wideload (bonecrazy art)
High country 2 (bone crazy art)
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Lion (wildlife art)
Getting Schooled (wildlife art)
Deer In Velet (wildlife art)
Elk Shealia (wildlife art)
(wildlife art)
Wide Load (wildlife art)
Boys night out (wildlife art)
4 Deer (wildlife art)
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