"Getting Schooled" Mule Deer Foundation 2014 Artist of the year

The idea for this painting started a long time ago. I had been guiding for several years in the canyonlands of southern Utah in pursuit of trophy Mule Deer. The thrill of tracking big bucks in the desert gave me many opportunities to be in hot pursuit. I recall many times being very close and finally getting a look at the deer we were tracking. You only have a moment to make a decision and try to decide what to do.

In this painting three bucks are walking up the opposite ridge, while the hunters are looking them over they don't realize that the big bucks are slipping underneath them are gone. And then you know you are "GETTING SCHOOLED".

More times than not he has a small buck that he is teaching the ropes to. It amazes me how smart and cunning these Monster Bucks can be. I hope you enjoy it as much as i did painting it.

Mark LeFevre


#trophymuledeer #hunting

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